Amazon to Launch New Alexa Tool to Check on Aging Relatives

August 23, 2019 | Friday



OAmazon will work with State Farm, provider of car, home, and life insurance. The firm will soon launch its new Alexa tool, which will help people keep in touch with their aging family members.

And as Amazon calls Alexa apps, the skill will let owners of Amazon Echo Show devices share alerts and check-ins. As a result, adult, children, and caregivers will determine if their relatives are safe and in the right place. Recently, the research team of State Farm developed the skill for months. And they will roll it out along with a list of activities and recommended events for consumers.

Aside from that, the insurance company stated that the skill makes "a virtual circle of support, coordination, and communication" 24/7. And at the same time, it will provide a personalized experience to the senior.

For a while now, Amazon has been seeking ways for its technology to support seniors, which is a huge and increasing demographic. Also, the firm is trying to support skills that manage sensitive health information by its voice assistant. And if ever this will be done, users can have things like medication reminders.

The Idea of the Latest Alexa Tool

Senior vice president of the labs team Mark Oakley came up with the idea through personal experience. In the previous year, he and his siblings had difficulties communicating with their father. And most communication was through phone or e-mail. Then, Oakley thought that there should be a better way than this.

After that, he began working on a skill for the Amazon Echo, which will not look like being intrusive or making a senior feel old. Furthermore, Oakley also wanted to bring children into the mix to keep the engagement with more family members. Furthermore, the vice president stated that for the meantime, he would only work on the Echo and not and other smart speakers like the Google Home.


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