Bitcoin Price To a New Record High Lifting Security

June 21, 2019 | Thursday



This week, the hash rate of Bitcoin hits new all-time highs. The monitoring resource verified the data on June 19.

The hash rate can measure the interest in the mining Bitcoin. And the cryptocurrency's price reached a new annual record to more than $9,000, which shot higher than ever before.

The most recent day in which the data is accessible is Wednesday. And the hash rate of Bitcoin hits 65.19 trillion hashes per second (Th/s). And it continues to gain every single day throughout the week, which cause the movement to attract attention.

Max Keiser wrote, "This is something not even most ardent supporters understand. It's the heart of the incentive scheme."

In September 2018, the figure easily beat the previous record of 6oTh/s, since then, the metric continues to an upward trend. Also, the time after September showed a retrograde sted for the Bitcoin network.

Meanwhile, the BTC/USD is trading around $9,675, following a minor correction from earlier highs. Aside from that, the monthly gains for bitcoin investors firmed at 26.5%.


The Atlantis hard fork for Ethereum Classic has been adequately decided to occur at block 8,772,000 on the blockchain. Previously, the developers and contributors thought of setting the hard fork at block number 8.75 million and predicted to run on September 15.

But the ETC Labs moved to raise the block number to have the estimated update through the week. It aims to have more involved parties, like exchanges and developers, to be present to find and address any concerns that may appear.

As of now, the block number is still a preliminary estimate of date since the release is some months away. But the figure is moving upwards with the goal of the hard fork coming on Tuesday, September 17, around noon.


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