Brexit News: EU competition chief don't see any risk postponing Brexit

April 3, 2019 | Wednesday



During an interview, last Tuesday, European Union competition chief said Britain should be allowed to postpone its Brexit departure date. To let Brexit cautiously think about its future.

Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition said during her interview, “I don’t see a risk in prolonging the departure."

Vestager said, “If you need to reconsider how the Brexit referendum should be respected." Then she added, "what would be the preferred U.K. choices, I don’t see a risk in a prolongation." According to her, "it’s never a risk to think twice, and to sleep on it then sometimes you wake up and you reconsider."

The process began two years ago, the European Union officially taking the United Kingdom out. Until now, it is to finalize. Now, for the third time, The United Kingdom's parliamentarians reject Prime Minister Theresa May's negotiations with the European Union.

According to European Union's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, it's likely best to make abrupt depart for the United Kingdom without a transition phase. Barnier said during an event in Brussels, “this is a serious crisis and no-one can be pleased with what is happening in the U.K. currently."

As of now, the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union on April 12. This will be the very first time that a country leaves the bloc. On the contrary, Prime Minister May on Tuesday said she's planning to ask for an additional extension. She asks the opposition party, to allow until May 22, to seek the country's future.

Meanwhile, a Danish politician said, “I think we spend a lot of time integrating member states in the European Union. But maybe we underestimated the importance of integrating the European Union in member states."

Vestager address the national politicians gathering in Brussels to provide its comment in the European policy making. That to help their people feel they are part of the European Union. She said, “You can don’t, sort of, the passion that this is ours, this is our democracy just as well as us the national democracy.”


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