Brexit News: EU leader's ultimatum to Britain's final opportunity on Brexit

March 22, 2019 | Friday



On Friday, Charles Michel, Belgium's Prime Minister said Brexit is now in the hands of Britain's Parliament. The European Union leaders gave Britain with an ultimatum as its one final opportunity to move out of the bloc in proper behavior. That of which was upon the agreement to delay the departure date behind March 29.

If the lawmakers support the rejected (twice) Withdrawal Agreement of Prime Minister Theresa May next week, the United Kingdom is to offer a delay until the 22nd of May.

However, if the majority of the Parliament votes to reject the prime minister's mobilized arrangement to leave the bloc, the European Union will support a shorten delay up until April 12. It was to enable the United Kingdom to have time to get the deal pass or to have another way to move forward.

Belgium's Prime Minister said, “This is perhaps the last chance for Britain to say what it wants for the future." As the second day of European Summit talks regarding Britain's departure, Michel said, “More than ever, this is in the hands of the British parliament."

Prime Minister May, asking for a delay on Britain's departure until the 30th of June said British lawmakers are now facing a "clear choice." That is either to support the Brexit deal delivering a referendum result and depart the EU in a proper behavior or stand on the prospect of having to stand candidates within the European Parliamentary elections. That of which is in three years upon a small yet clear majority votes to Brexit.

On Thursday, European Union leaders went through a seven hours discussion regarding Brexit host of options. Saying that while they disapprove the country's decision to depart, they will be keen to go on with the process.

Meanwhile, the bloc chooses the 22nd of May departure date application whenever the Parliament charges behind prime minister next week. That or Britain decide to either offer a new plan or leave the European Union with no deal on the 12th of April.


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