Brexit News: Europe leaders fronting big Brexit uncertainty

March 18, 2019 | Monday



About 27 countries from Europe considering either to grant or not to grant the United Kingdom with a long extension to its European exit. However, the decision could be the biggest Brexit gamble yet.

On March 29 the United Kingdom is to remain settled on leaving the European Union. Although, provided that there is no support present for Prime Minister Theresa May's deal among the EU, it is possible that Prime Minister May request for more time on securing down an agreement back home.

To further discuss, the European heads need to meet until Thursday in Brussels, mainly to consider a potential delay on the EU's legal framework stated within Article 50. That of which by means EU country can exit the union. It will all depend on the twenty-seven heads of states' decision, unanimously, to grant such delays requested.

Last week, Thursday, European Council President chairs the meeting among the heads of states, Donald Tusk said, “appeal to the EU27 to be open to a long extension, if the U.K. finds it necessary to rethink its Brexit strategy.” Moreover, there are a few in Europe who believe that long extension may ultimately lead to a new stance coming from London.

Managing director at Teneo Intelligence, Carsten Nickel said on an email to a news network, “Some in the EU are pushing for a long extension, to give the U.K. more time to find a way out of the mess that is its domestic politics right now."

Meanwhile, a European law professor at HEC University in Paris, Alberto Alemanno also said, “Given the limited likelihood of an approved Withdrawal Agreement before March 29, the EU envisages a longer extension to reopen the negotiations in a less constrained timeframe and in completely different political scenario in the U.K.”

Alemanno further explained, “This longer extension will inevitably entail holding European Parliament elections in the U.K., thus favouring an acceleration of the political changes in the U.K. This might moderate the U.K. stance in Brexit and push for a closer relationship between the U.K. and EU."

Moreover, political analysts from the European Policy Centre believes that with a long extension, the EU could lose its advantage. Or it could fuel talks for those who want to leave the EU. Worst, face strong political split in the nearing European Parliament elections.


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