Cruise Revealed First Driverless Shuttle

January 22, 2020 | Wednesday



A majority-owned subsidiary of General Motors, Cruise, finally unveiled its first vehicle specifically designed to run without a driver inside at an event in San Francisco on Tuesday night. In addition to that, the driverless electric shuttle, which GM is calling Origin, does not yet have manual control like pedals or steering wheel. Cruise CEO Dan Ammann stated, "It is self-driven. It is all-electric. It is Shared. It is production vehicle." Then, Cruise's founder, president, and CTO, Kyle Vogt, described the vehicle's design and technology. First, he demonstrated how the doors work, which part rather than swing out to open. Then, the vehicle's seats, offering at least as much legroom as extra legroom seats on an airplane. Also, he showed a scoop of sensors, which work as the vehicle's eyes - rotating much like an owl's head. It helps the car observe what's going on around it. Ammann has alluded to a shuttle-like vehicle, giving more interior space than a traditional car. They based the current self-driving test fleet of Cruise in GM's all-electric Chevrolet Bolt EV. One emphasis on the car was disclosed in January 2018. It included no manual controls, but it maintained the car's traditional interior.

The Grand Launch

Moreover, Tuesday's event appears six months after Cruise delayed the launch of commercial, self-driving vehicle service in San Francisco. They expected this to deploy back in 2019. And the firm explained that its cars need more testing. Ammann is a former president of GM. And together with GM DEO Mary Barra, they said that the launch of the self-driving vehicle of the company would be gated by safety. They used that postponement as an example of the technical and regulatory difficulties firms experience in creating genuinely driverless cars into a reality. Cruise, on Tuesday, did not share any particular timeline for the beginning of the production for the Origin.


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