Cryptocurrency "Disruptors" of Banking Sector Says Lagarde

April 11, 2019 | Thursday

Digital Currency


On Wednesday, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director, Christine Lagarde states that digital currencies are "disruptors" widely affecting the banking sector.

According to Lagarde, the cryptocurrencies are "shaking" the entire banking system. She believes that it should maintain its stability, and needs should have monitoring.

Lagarde stated, “I think the role of the disruptors and anything that is using distributed ledger technology, whether you call it crypto, assets, currencies, or whatever." She mainly tended that cryptocurrency "is clearly shaking the system."

During an interview on Wednesday, the managing director of IMF focus to point the changing business systems of commercial banking. That as proof that blockchain innovations such as digital currencies are crumbling the financial sector authorities.

The IMF's managing director also stated, “We don’t want innovation that would shake the system so much that we would lose the stability that is needed."

Most of the start-ups and similar tech giants consider the banking sector are essentially multitrillion-dollar market fit towards agitation. Recently, there are reports about Facebook and its plan to develop its own cryptocurrency. At the same vein, last month Apple releasing its developed credit card with Goldman Sachs.

Meanwhile, there are banks which also attempting to adapt to the new technology. The JPMorgan trails its digital token known as the "JPM Coin." In which could process payments amongst clients and Goldman Sachs, developing its digital retail bank known as the Marcus overseas.

According to Lagarde, the technology companies coming in the banking division should "forcefully" be under regulations. The IMF's managing director on cryptocurrency said, “They will have to be held accountable so that they can be fully trusted."

Upon Lagarde's statements comes a panel discussion at the IMF Spring Meetings conducted in Washington. That to examine how currency and payments change around the globe.

Lagarde had encouraged the central banks to monitor digital money to get up to date changes within the financial aspect.


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