Currency Rate: US Dollar At Its Third Day Continuous Decline

May 1, 2019 | Wednesday



The US dollar declines against its major currency rivals on Tuesday. Its third-day declining sessions. That signals cooling inflation reinforced market and its expectation on the Federal Reserves to cut rates within this year.

Furthermore, the U.S. dollar index measuring the power of the greenback against those major currency rivals shown a 0.3 percent decline to a 97.34 during 15:10 GMT.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the policymakers started their two-day meeting. That of which expected to result in no changes at the interest rates if the conclusions reveal a day later.

This year, the Feds changed their mood mostly because of the existing concerns on the global growth and weakening inflation causing it to reverse from its previous forecast. That to incline the rates twice this year.

However, according to a network, the market has gone further. The pricing has a 60 percent chance for the Feds to cut the interest rates by the month of December.

Chief international economist at ING Group, James Knightley said that as the United States economy experienced a "Goldilocks period" at firm developments and gracious inflation, Wednesday's meeting of the Feds will likely focus on how further they could push back on the market view that they "will be forced to cut rates" in 2019.

Drops on the U.S. dollar started last week Friday surrounded with a signal of weakening price. The inflated data revealed during the first-quarter growth record last week and its main consumption expenses index during the month of March mostly viewed as the Fed's favored inflation measure. During the start of the week, the dollar retreats at its two-year highs.

At its currency pairs, the euro traded higher than the dollar as it is better-than-expected growth economically within the euro zone boosts its single currency.


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