Brexit: American gives its verdict on Brexit - "Brits were lied to"

March 14, 2019 | Thursday



The British and European history might be changing its history because of Brexit. Meanwhile, Americans take an interest in the matter and providing its statements.

Moreover, United States President Donald J. Trump has been characteristically straightforward. President Trump comments on both the opportunity of leaving the 28-member union bringing to the United Kingdom and the United States relationship. To add up, President Trump's judgment on the British Prime Minister, Theresa May and how she handles the negotiations.

This week has been crucial for Brexit. Prime minister May tries to get Brexit deal's approval from the United Kingdom's Parliament. But the Brexit deal failed to get enough support from the British lawmakers on its second time. Subsequently, the MPs voted to deny the option of leaving Europe without a deal. Therefore, there are to proceed to vote on whether to delay Brexit entirely./i>

The Americans thoughts

Elsewhere, the Americans could have its forgiveness as they think Britain is gone a bit insane about Brexit. Meanwhile, Todd Peterson, a public member in New York to say they know and comments on the whole Brexit process said, “I think it’s pretty terrible. I think the Brits were lied to (and tricked) into voting for something they had no idea about and I think they got themselves into a mess because they were lied to."

According to Peterson, the Brits were lied to regarding the " whole idea that Brexit was supposed to be this wonderful thing — the whole idea about the payments to health care — none of them were true. It’s hard to tell (how it will play out).” That of which is an opinion shared by others.

Lane Campbell, also a public member in New York said, “It’s uncertain right now, it seems like it’s up in the air after the recent vote (to reject the Brexit deal),” Campbell added, “They just don’t have the political will to pull this together. There’s a lot of uncertainty and it’s hurting their economy for sure ... And considering the banking sector — I hear a lot of it is moving to Germany. Hopefully, they can do it or not do it but they need to decide."


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