Economic News: Does China Pay For US Recent Imposed Tariff

June 3, 2019 | Monday



About a year upon United States President Donald Trump imposed its first tariff initiated a trade dispute against China. Until now, the debate as to whom the burdens of this elevated war aren't showing its exact and definite determination.

According to president Trump, on a number of occasions, the United States collects billions of dollars tariffs coming from China. Fact is the president Trump re-emphasized that idea during the weekend on his Twitter posts: “China is paying a heavy cost in that they will subsidize goods to keep them coming, devalue their currency.”

However, the claims of the U.S. president got opposed reaction from a number of American businesses that import Chinese goods. They argue that they are the ones impacted by the imposed tariffs and their overall duties.

Meanwhile, the majority of economists think both sides did have a point.

Upon the arrival of Chinese goods in America, the importers who basically are Americans who can also be U.S.- registered entities coming from foreign firms pay to customs to receive the products. In that case, the American businesses are right that they're the ones taking the responsibility on the bill.

However, according to economists, president Trump might be accurate on the matter. Soon, China will be the one paying for the outcomes of the imposed tariffs. Now, that may happen if the exporters from China lessens the prices they charge for their American customers, resulting in lower earnings - still competitive. Soon, the situation causes Chinese companies to pay their duties operating into the U.S. government coffers.

According to Simon Baptist, the global chief economist and managing director in Asia at consultancy The Economist Intelligence Unit, the real impact of the U.S. tariffs is among the countries imposing the levies and the nation targeted.


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