Economy: Trump See "Fast" Trade deal with China Yet Lacks Documentation

May 24, 2019 | Friday



Washington -- On Thursday, the United States President Donald Trump foretells a quick conclusion on the ongoing trade war against China. However, there are no high-level talks scheduled for both countries. Their most recent round of negotiations occurred in Washington two weeks ago.

During the remarks of Donald Trump at the White House, he said: “It’s happening, it’s happening fast, and I think things probably are going to happen with China fast because I cannot imagine that they can be thrilled with thousands of companies leaving their shores for other places." That stated, yet had no documentation of such likely to happen in the future.

Moreover, president Trump said he's about to meet China's President Xi Jinping when both of them attend the G-20 meeting scheduled next month in Japan.

For the past few weeks, both countries blame one another as to where the talks resulted. Both countries had talked to end the trade tension between the two largest economies globally.

President Trump stated his remarks during the free-wheeling news conference upon his administration rolled out its touting plan to give American farmers an aid package. That of which is intended to combat the effects of the present trade war, hitting the farmers and the whole agriculture industry hard.

Upon president Trump's imposed tariffs on Chinese goods last year, China controlled the purchase of U.S. soy. That left the American farmers sitting on a stockpile of commodities. Moreover, China did counter-attack by imposing tariffs on U.S. pork, corn, and other products.

Furthermore, president Trump also stated, “The $16 billion in funds will help keep our cherished farms thriving and make clear that no country has veto on America’s economic and national security."

Elsewhere, according to Roberto Azevedo, director-general of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the intensifying U.S.-China trade war negatively impacts every country in the world.


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