Elon Musk Emails Employee On Tesla's Autonomy Day - Yet There Are Lots Of Gaps

April 24, 2019 | Wednesday



On Monday, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk presented daring, idealistic outlooks in which only his loyal people would look in the face value. To be specific, the Tesla's CEO provides a guideline in which the company could have million "robotaxis" operating on the road in 2020. In other words, there will be a million driverless cars commercially works, coming in as a ride-hailing network.

Musk, driven by the celebration that day sent a two-line email to his employees during the afternoon on Monday. Musk said in the email that the day was "extremely well-received," and that the feedback is "incredible." He also mentions the company's Autopilot Team and compliments its "extremely intense effort."

Musks promising driverless cars in a year exceeds average optimistic. Furthermore, according to Musk, the Autopilot and Full Self-Driving software could bring about $30,000 gross income to its owners per year if it operates as robotaxi.

However, how could it be a fact taking Tesla's production record and the current average salary of a usual driver within the United States?

The autonomous day of Tesla somehow came as a distraction as it trouble on its regulatory and financials. That of which will be the focus on its first-quarter earnings report today.

Included in the company's current difficulties is slowing production of its Model X and S vehicles during the previous quarter. In addition the stores it closed and laid off numbers of its employees. And to mention, Musks still in an argument with the SEC regarding its way of using the social media in disseminating business data.

Now looking at the company's performance, it had about $180 million deficit due in the coming month. Moreover, the sales of Model 3 vehicles slow down during the first quarter.

Elsewhere, on Monday, Tesla's stock fell at around 4 percent. Then it went up by less than a point during mid-day trading on Tuesday. Tesla's stock went down at about 30 percent compared to its recent highs in December then going down at about 9 percent from the previous year.


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