Huawei 5G To Turn The Company Back On Double-Digit Growth in 2019

April 26, 2019 | Friday

Tech Trends


Huawei Technologies China's tech giant says its company telecom equipment business will bring them back to double-digit growth this year. That with healthy and positive demands within the majority of regions besides in the United States.

During Huawei's annual analyst summit, Rotating Chairman Ken Hu points out the confident growth expectations of the company in 2019. According to him, they've seen the whole positive and dispatch within the industry of the 5G development starting in the second half of 2018. Ken Hu stated, "We expect our carrier business to achieve double-digit growth this year."

Meanwhile, Huawei's board executive director sees great growth within China, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and Europe. All countries are outside the United States region. The expectation came following Washington's effort to influence its allies worldwide during the previous months to ban/block the Chinese tech giant on taking part of the 5G projects.

5G is the next gen following the 4G mobile network. It is expected to provide faster data transfer. That with lower latency and viewed as an opener in enabling various innovations including the driverless cars, remote surgery, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality.

Notwithstanding, a veteran analyst, Remus Hsu, address the Nikkei Asian Review. Hsu expects Huawei to face possible conflicts this year. Mainly due to the exclusion within the markets. For instance, in the United States and South Korea, both countries are leading within 5G commercialization. Hsu also added that the tech company could regain its market share upon China's 5G network commercialization in the year 2020.

Last year, the tech company had strong revenue with fleeting profits data. However, the telecom business sees a bit decline of 1.3 percent. The majority of its smartphone devices contribute largely to its revenue.

Despite Huawei's continued and strong disapproval on the United States allegations, the American government still sued the company on March 7.

The United States pressure its allies on shutting Huawei out and its 5G networks because of cyber espionage concerns.


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