Stock market impede upon US President tariffs hinder US-China trade talk

April 4, 2019 | Thursday



On Thursday, the global stock market halts as investors impacted by lack of new incentive coming from the ongoing United States and China trade talks.

During the first three days of the week, strong gains came towards various stocks globally. However, gains went to a stop as investors wait for more concrete updates regarding the trade talks.

Meanwhile, According to the Wall Street Journal, there are thoughts regarding the United States keeping penal tariffs towards China. That to ensure it does keep its side on the agreement soon. Just recently, President Donald Trump calls himself the "tariff man." That brings traders concerns on the way the U.S. president's trade threats.

On Wednesday, Larry Kudlow, White House economic advisor said: "we're not there and we hope this week to get closer."

Meanwhile, the head of trading and marketSPI Asset Management, Stephen Innes said: "Arguably China-US trade dispute is the strongest headwind for the markets to tack, so this trade agreement should continue to provide a substantial boost to investor sentiment 'if' both sides can agree on the final pieces of this intricate puzzle."

There have been reports regarding the U.S. giving China up to 2025 in meeting the obligations within the agreed commodity purchases. That includes soybeans and the ability for American firms to completely operate a business within the country.

Elsewhere, on China's benchmark index, there is about a 0.9 percent gain on Shanghai Composite. However, Japan's Nikkei came steadily since the previous sessions.

In Europe, Thursday went weak with German industrial data still hurting on the continental sentiments. All upon factory orders declines. Moreover, the DAX went down by 0.15 percent. Similarly, FTSE100 went down by 0.6 percent as of 9:55 in the morning (London).

As of now, the United States futures are downward with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq on lower trades, while Dow in a bit incline. Investors now hope in S&P 500 gain following its straight five positive performing days


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