Tech News: Facebook "unintentionally uploaded" Email Contacts of 1.5M Users

April 18, 2019 | Thursday



During Wednesday after hours, Facebook said it might have "unintentionally uploaded" a total of 1.5 million user emails on its site. That without any knowledge or consent from users while the company signed up for new accounts since 2016 May.

According to an unnamed source familiar with the matter, the users included in the incident aren't just within the United States.

Meanwhile, according to the firm's spokesperson, the contacts were in any way not shared with anyone and that Facebook took action by deleting them.

The spokesperson said that Facebook already settles the essential issue and it is to "notify people whose contacts were imported." He further explain that users can "review and manage contacts they share with Facebook in their settings."

Meanwhile, according to a news platform which first reported the matter, a security researcher noticed that Facebook is inciting a few users to type their email passwords if they open an account in verifying their identity.

According to the tech giant firm, the platform previously has an option in the account verification method wherein a few users can choose how to confirm email address and voluntarily import their email contacts towards the platform. The company said that such features are included in helping them look for their friends and improve ads.

The tech giant firm said that the methods are renewed during May 2016. The language, as explained in the step, is excluded, the feature wasn't. However, email contacts are still uploaded towards the site without the knowledge of the users.

The incident was the latest concern within the list of privacy matters the tech giant have. That of which adds up and in some way fires up the government's investigation.

As of now, there is a strong public criticism against the tech giant. That since it revealed its U.K.-based political consulting firm, the Cambridge Analytica. That exploits the tech giant's business model influencing the United States presidential election during 2016.

As founder and CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg called a stricter internet regulation. He challenges the governments to take further active role in the matter.


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