Tech News: Start-up AutoX Plans To Go Further Grocery Deliveries

April 25, 2019 | Thursday



The self-driving car's technology is still a fresh concept on a trial stage. However, for start-up AutoX there are ahead thoughts on further capabilities of these autonomous vehicles.

In 2018, AutoX started its grocery delivery program within the area of San Jose, California. Users download AutoX application on their mobile phone to place orders for fresh produce and various other goods. The items ordered will, later on, be delivered to the user with one of AutoX's self-driving cars.

On Tuesday, during an interview, Jianxiong Xiao, CEO & founder of AutoX said that for them (as a company) they are creating artificial intelligence (AI) platform.

According to Xiao, AutoX's goal is to "democratize autonomy" and to make the driverless cars available for other usages. That includes transportation, logistics, and delivery.

During the Credit Suisse global Supertrends Conference on Tuesday at Singapore, Xiao on his company's autonomous vehicles plans said: “That can power different vehicles." Then he explained that the vehicles are able to transport people and goods deliveries. Xiao explained further that AutoX is "not choosing vertical segment," but they are into "providing the AI platform that can power" the whole driverless cars.

According to a private comprehensive database firm, AutoX raised about $43 million worth of funds. That of which includes the investment coming from Dongfeng Motor Group.

AutoX says it holds a proprietary technology which uses a series of sensors in processing information. That accurately calculates the distance and detecting obstacles along the path of the car. The company's business framework model relies on licensing the technology to operate for other companies which can make their self-driving cars plans into action.

Furthermore, according to Xiao, the company is doing its best to "empower all different segments." That of which includes ride-sharing companies, car manufacturers, logistic companies. Putting their technology in good use and "make their business better." Xiao also added that the "internet can help many traditional industries become better, much more efficient."


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