Tech News: US Raise Urgent Tech Campaign Warnings Against Huawei

May 16, 2019 | Thursday



On Wednesday, United States President Donald Trump declared a national emergency campaign to protect American Technology from threats against foreign technologies especially the Chinese tech giant - Huawei.

The national emergency warning moved via executive order, which was authorized by the Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. It had gone through consultation with top officials, aiming to block transactions involving information and communication technology that may "poses" intolerable risk on the national security of the U.S.

Upon the order, the United States Department of Commerce declared additional Huawei Technologies along with its affiliates in the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Entity List. That of which will make further difficulties on Chinese telecom giant to convey business with the U.S. companies.

Further difficulties include U.S. companies unable to sell and transfer technology products to Huawei if there is no license issued by the BIS. That makes the business operation of Huawei harder, depending on the U.S. parts suppliers.

President Trump strongly supports the decision. According to Ross, the idea that it will "prevent" America made technology be in use by foreign entities which likely threaten the U.S. national security and the foreign policy interests.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Huawei provided a statement on the issue explaining that the restrictions by the U.S. will not make the U.S. extra "secure or stronger." Instead, it will limit the U.S. to have "inferior yet more expensive" choices. That may leave the U.S. behind the 5G tech development, and could further harm the "interest" of the country's companies and consumers.

The declaration of the campaign warning had gone through a year discussion. It came out as the U.S. and China continue with a heated trade dispute which may intensify tensions on both sides.

On the contrary, a number of rural carriers opposed the campaign warning. These rural carriers mainly rely their equipment on Huawei even after large drops by big telecommunication companies.


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