Technology: Beijing facial recognition firm is lying about partnership says Microsoft

March 15, 2019 | Friday

Tech Trends


Tech giant firm, Microsoft denies its connection with a controversial facial recognition application from China. That of which was said to track minority Muslims within China.

As a revelation, Sensenets was that controversial company selling facial recognition plus crowd data analysis technology. According to the company's website, its technology was created to detect oddly behaviors of a person within large groups of people.

In February, the company underwent data leak problems. In which was known by the security researcher, Victor Gevers. According to Gevers, the personal information for about 2.5 million people recorded by the company is publicly collected data. Gever said that most records are collected within China's Xinjiang province. That was a region in the west of China with a very large population.

Microsoft spokesperson stated, "We have been made aware SenseNets is using our logo on its website without our permission, and we have asked for it to be removed."

According to a human rights group, more than a million Uighur Muslims are detained in its political education training. Getting ready for their expecting disloyalty on ruling Communist Party.

Moreover, a number of rights groups urge the United Nations to look for the fact-finding mission in Xinjiang. On Thursday, the United States Department pulled on China's violation of Human rights when it comes to Muslims in Xinjiang. They are to call them, in a quote, "great shame for humanity.

Subsequently, the Chinese government consistently denies any alleged wrongdoing when it comes to the Uighurs. Reports then suggest making SenseNets facial recognition as part of a broad surveillance program within the region. That includes a collection of DNA samples from the people.

As a result, Microsoft, United States technology giant denies any connection with the alleged facial recognition company. According to the company's spokesperson on Friday, “Microsoft is not involved in a partnership with SenseNets. We have been made aware SenseNets is using our logo on its website without our permission, and we have asked for it to be removed."


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