Technology: Huawei Seeks To Settle Its Lawsuit Matter Against The US

May 29, 2019 | Wednesday



Huawei took its next action as it files a legal case against the United States government with an attempt to have a swift process.

During the month of March, the Chinese tech giant files a lawsuit against the U.S. claiming that the government imposed ban on agencies from purchasing the Chinese tech giant's devices and equipment is unconstitutional.

The legal case focuses on a law known as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Legislation section 889 forbids executive government agencies, securing telecommunications equipment coming from Huawei and its rival ZTE. Both brands specifically mentioned in the act.

As of now, Huawei is processing its legal terms as "motion for summary judgement." That was a request the court ruled in Huawei's favor based on the law. The Chinese tech giant says this case shows questions regarding the law - the NDAA with the U.S. Constitution. Currently, it points on its involvement on dispute ahead of the facts.

Meanwhile, the Eastern District of Texas could already have the hearing scheduled on September 19. It may take a number of months before Huawei get its motion decision.

The Chinese tech giant wants to speed up the whole legal process. Whenever the court ruled in favor of Huawei, there's no need for a full-blown hearing. However, The U.S. government lawyer asked the court to reject the motion.

The Chinese tech giant aims to have Section 889 of NDAA be thrown out. A single section can be removed and not rip up the whole legislation. The firm contends that provision within the NDAA that explicitly mentioned Huawei among the "bill of attainder." That legislative act proclaims a specific group guilty on an offense which may punish them even without due process. That's restricted within the U.S. Constitution.


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