Technology: Social media craze paying random people on making online compliments

March 19, 2019 | Tuesday



The online community are present with both love and hatred at the same time. Might be the reason why Chinese internet users gather to groups within social media in which they pay for exaggerated compliments.

Chinese netizens have been making the latest craze in which mainly occurs in WeChat and QQ. The applications were the country's biggest messaging app and are both owned by Tencent, an internet giant.

The Social Media Craze

Users are to search for the group on an e-commerce website operated by China's Alibaba, the Taobao. There are various groups listed with distinct pricing options that start from about 35 yuan or $5.21.

Upon purchasing a few compliments on Taobao, sellers will contact the user with an invitation to join a group on WeChat. Within the group chat, the user will be getting compliments coming from various people.

One of the users commends the craze saying, " This is awesome! Now you have more spare time. Take this opportunity to enjoy your ‘me time.’ One can be very happy by himself. And you have us here!"

However, there are appearing business models. According to one of the group administrator, they are offering services in which a user can invite another person to a group, and the invited user will be given custom compliments.

Administrators ask to remain anonymous as they charge fifteen yuan for three minutes or a 25 yuan for five minutes of praise within the WeChat group. Users can also send additional information, for instance, details of a relationship with another person and their likes/dislikes. Users will then get an invite alongside the other person user have nominated. After that, the compliments begin.

Why does this exist?

In the past few days, the groups just appear to be a forum-like site. A post in Zhihu shows a post on March 7 coming from a praise group from a university. A user complains of not being able to focus on reading, and another user replies saying, “This means your knowledge level is higher than the book.”

For a long time, social media gets criticized as a negative impact in mental health that companies are getting accusations of not having enough security on potentially offensive content on platforms.

The "Abelard," administrators of the group said people need to know how to accept and give praise more often.


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