Trending Now: Malaysian Prime Minister prefers China Than the US

March 11, 2019 | Monday

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On Friday, Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad says he prefers to take the side of China than the United States. That is if his country was forced to choose the side in a trade war.

Furthermore, the 93-year-old Malaysian Prime Minister is a strong critic of China's investments in his own country. Mahathir recognizes the economic power of China and its existing opportunities.

According to Mahathir, Malaysia should "accept that China is close to us." Additionally, "it is a huge market." Mahathir believes that his country should "benefit from China's growing wealth."

Moreover, Mahathir says, “Well, it depends on how they behave. Currently, the U.S. is very unpredictable as to the things they do." His recognition on Beijing's growing clout, Mahathir says, “China’s attitude, of course, is to gain as much influence as possible.” And he added, “But so far China doesn’t seem to want to build an empire. So we will remain free people.”

Additionally, the prime minister believes that Beijing will also make use of its economic strength in achieving "what is to China the best objective - that they have to grow richer and richer, and this is the ambition of all countries."

According to him, “With their wealth, they are going to be in the same position that the Western countries were in the past.”

Elsewhere, with controversial regarding the Chinese tech giant, Huawei, the Malaysian prime minister says they are "watching closely." To recall, the United States says its worries to the security issues presented by Huawei. The United States alleging the tech company's devices might well be used by the Chinese government for espionage. However, Huawei continues to deny the said claims.

Mahathir says, “At the moment we have not found them a threat to our security. Not yet, maybe later.” Then he added, “But we cannot just follow actions taken by other countries because Chinese technology seems to be ahead of Western technology.”


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