Tech: US Views At Chinese Surveillance - Trade War to Tech War

May 27, 2019 | Monday



The United States and China trade war are shifting to become more like a tech war. The U.S. looks to be widening its views towards another section of Chinese technology - its domestic surveillance.

Chinese surveillance equipment company, Hikvision may be included on the U.S. blacklist. That of which will limit the company's ability to acquire American-made components. This issue could extend technology rivalry around both countries, which may bring attention as to how China monitors its own people.

The Chinese tech company Hikvision is among the world's biggest video surveillance product maker. Citing people familiar with the matter, the New York Times said, when and if Washington goes on with the penalties, the U.S. firms are required to have a government-issued license before selling tech equipment to Hikvision. The New York Times also noted Trump administration views China as an economic and geopolitical threat. It adds concerns on China's "extensive" surveillance sector.

Last month, U.S lawmakers cited intensive surveillance among minority Muslim population within China's western parts. That with a possible aim to constitute "crimes against humanity." The U.S. lawmakers also had similar accusations last year.

Meanwhile, China's foreign ministry stated that the surveillance within the Xinjiang region is operating with an aim to ensure social stability. Moreover, just last week, the Chinese state-controlled newspaper said the United States efforts to connecting human rights on China's technology could also mean the U.S. is "obsessed" to hinder China's development.

During an interview, Hikvision spokesperson said that the company is taking the concerns seriously and have talked with the U.S. government last year concerning the issue. According to the spokesperson, the company has hired human rights expert personnel to provide the most appropriate advice to the company.

The company is among the growing sector of Chinese surveillance technology at home. That of which is exported by the country to an autocratic regime worldwide.


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